XRP Ledger Mainnet Stable Releases

New XRP Ledger version 1.5.0 released on 03/31/20.

New and Updated Features

  • The RequireFullyCanonicalSig amendment which changes the signature requirements for the XRP Ledger protocol so that non-fully-canonical signatures are no longer valid. ec137044a
  • Native gRPC API support. 7d867b806
  • API Versioning which allows for future breaking change of RPC methods to co-exists with existing versions. 2aa11fa41
  • Nodes now receive and broadcast UNLs over the peer network under various conditions. 2c71802e3
  • Augmented submit method to include additional details on the status of the command. 79e9085dd
  • Improved *tx* method response with additional details on ledgers searched. 47501b7f9
  • New validator_info method which returns information pertaining to the current validator’s keys, manifest sequence, and domain. 3578acaf0
  • New manifest method which looks up manifest information for the specified key (either master or ephemeral). 3578acaf0
  • Introduce handshake protocol for compression negotiation (compression is not implemented at this point) and other minor improvements. f6916bfd4
  • Remove various old conditionals introduced by amendments. (51ed7db00 , 6e4945c56)
  • Add getRippledInfo info gathering script to rippled Linux packages. acf4b7889

Bug Fixes

  • The fixQualityUpperBound amendment which fixes a bug in unused code for estimating the ratio of input to output of individual steps in cross-currency payments. 9d3626fec
  • tx method now properly fetches all historical tx if they are incorporated into a validated ledger under rules that applied at the time. 11cf27e00
  • Fix to how fail_hard flag is handled with the submit method - transactions that are submitted with the fail_hard flag that result in any TER code besides tesSUCCESS is neither queued nor held. cd9732b47
  • Remove unused Beast code. 172ead822
  • Lag ratchet code fix to use proper ephemeral public keys instead of the long-term master public keys. 6529d3e6f