What is the vision for the Xpring SDK?

Per @keefertaylor, creator and maintainer of the XpringSDK:

Xpring SDK is designed to make common interactions with XRPL easy. Our vision is that common tasks should be simple, intuitive and easy for the average user to understand without necessarily having to understand distributed systems. At the same time, we shouldn’t get in the way of power users being able to build for more complex use cases.

Our MVP vision is a wallet that can send / receive XRP and display a balance and transaction history. Our vision for Xpring SDK is that can build a simple wallet or exchange using the software with minimal stress. In fact, our recently launched Web Wallet uses the JavaScript flavor of the SDK for all interactions (besides Transaction history).

Our high level APIs should be simple and not ship network requests / responses to the external world. We prefer to encapsulate our network responses inside of XpringClient as this lets us change network implementations if we need to down the line. Power users can always instantiate a network client directly if they want to see / utilize the raw network values.

We think of the set of libraries as one holistic and consistent experience. As I think you are aware, there’s also a Java and JavaScript variant of the SDKs in addition to XpringKit. We look at these SDKs as a single product and try to keep APIs, feature set, and behavior similar among them.