Tabs - A general DAPP discussion


So let’s say I have a dapp. I signed up, I downloaded, I created a wallet and now I need to fund it. I press receive and it presents a QR code. I open coinbase and send $50.

Now as a user do you expect to see that transaction in the dapp? If you long press the wallet cell it opens the xrpl ledger and there you can see the transaction. So do I need to repeat it in the dapp? In a normal app I guess I would see the transaction and I could open my bank and see the transaction so that could indicate that yes, I need to “sync” the transactions and add a table to include them, but Crypto is different. lol

The other issue is that I cannot notify the dapp of the transaction as its created in coinbase. I guess I could add a socket to the transactions endpoint and update accordingly?

These are opinion questions and I’m just looking for what you would “expect” to see.