Soliciting tech reviewers for new "Disable Master Key Pair" tutorial

I’ve drafted a new tutorial for that walks through the process of disabling your account’s master key pair, and it would be great to get a tech reviewer to confirm that the steps & relevant information is accurate.

The PR is here:

If you don’t have access Ripple’s VPN (employees only), you can’t see the staged version, but you can build the dev portal locally to see what the tutorial would look like live on the site by doing these steps:

$ pip3 install dactyl

(You might need to use sudo depending on your python environment. See also: Dactyl Installation.)

$ git clone
$ cd xrpl-dev-portal
$ git checkout disablemasterkey
$ dactyl_build

That makes an out/ folder with the generated files; the tutorial this PR adds is out/disable-master-key-pair.html. You should be able to just open that file with a browser to see the built doc. (A few links, like the top-left logo or the translated versions, may not work correctly when you view it this way, but most navigation should take you to your locally-built version of the site.)

Anyway, that’s a nice aside about how to build docs but the main info I’m looking for is feedback on the document itself. Once again, the PR I’m looking for reviews on is here: