Secret from generateRandomWallet

Hey all, I am getting my feet wet with the Xpring SDK for JS and so far it looks great, generating wallets to test stuff but I don’t know how to get the classic secret once the wallet is generated, I already got all this info:

  classic: 'rLencMDNzeyhV4SaAsNbZawLmMV9gycdp5',
  xaddress: 'XVZYZ7E857NWzMz4KxuRc54DQB642KopV5mWTy1Mc7CDT9h',
  pubkey: '03385DC94904E58923037AAD201AAF8BE12A3DB91BEAC793CE81355ADC741361D8',
  privkey: '00D585988847EC66621B06E241E70DC3B13A0E85A46257947B370507A1A4B573CA',
  mnemonic: 'enjoy boss man flag twice when afraid tube prevent erase excess lava'

So the question is, how to get the secret key starting with ‘s’ ? Can we derive it from the private key encoding to b58 or something? Is there a method for that?

I need the secret for regenerating the wallet using Wallet.generateFromSeed method unless I am missing something really obvious. I can use generateFromMnemonic and Wallet(public, private) methods too, but would like to use the simplest generateFromSeed.

Thanks for your help.

How do I get the secret key using Xpring?

Hi, sorry for the delay in getting you a response.

We’ve had this feature request from a few folks and we’ll release an update that allows you to have this functionality on our next release cycle, which will be on 7/30.

In the meantime, you could use the ripple keypairs library to generate a seed:

import * as rippleKeyPair from 'ripple-keypairs'

const seed = rippleKeyPair.generateSeed(generationParameters)

Let me know if that gets you moving.