Scope of RippleX

Hi everyone,

So, in other Blockchains like Ethereum you have a smart contract language like Solidity and a library like Web3 to connect to the Blockchain. I just learned about RippleX and from the brief reading I did, I can’t find a smart contract language. So, does that mean I can use NodeJS to connect to the XRP Ledger but can’t create assets for example?

Also, is there a way to process Credit Card payments?

I am sure I am missing a lot, but some links are broken, so I thought to ask here.

Thanks, for the help!

I’m still a greenhorn but here’s some basic details & keywords that might help:

  • I’ve used both NodeJS & Python w/ websocket-client libary to connect
  • smart contracts are not supported but see Flare Network and it’s spark (flr) token
  • Flare Network is soon launching and apparently will facilitate smart contracts w/ XRPL. I’m not really famliar with smart contracts in general and not sure how flare network and it’s spark token are tied to the XRPL)
  • XRPL does have an escrow type transaction where you can use timestamp to hold / release payments
  • you can mint your own currency on the XRPL easily. Then make them available for trade on the XRPL dex
  • is a XRPL web interface and good to see see many XRPL features available. You can trade on the xrpl dex, set account (address) settings, create escrows, send native toke XRP or other currencies, mint your own coin etc.
  • no credit card payments but check out “trust lines” in documentation. Maybe a way to work w/ trusted gateways , exchanges or other businesses that interface with the XRPL
  • check out XUUM
  • check out interledger protocol
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There is not currently a smart contract language, but XRPL transactors have certain smart-contract functionality built-in. For example, you can create assets (issued currencies, tokens, NFTs) using trustlines and payments.

There is no way to process credit card payments at this time.

Which links are broken?