RippleX Grant Question

Hello, RippleX!

Glad to write to you. Your ecosystem is brilliant. My name is Maksim Yurchanka.
Me with team created our own token with assist XUMM Community.
We are from CIS, I am from Belarus, my friends are from Russia, we have dozens
years experience in investments, trading, crypto.

In our russian media I read this information

“RippleX has announced the launch of a developer grants program to fund a project created in Ledger XRP.
The first round of applications is already open, the deadline for the first round is 10 June.
Any project based on XRP Ledger and requiring some technical development will be considered.”

Translated by Google.translate

On your site I can’t find information about it. It’s the reason why I write to you directly. Say please where I can receive more details about your grant if this information correct. Thank you.

Our project has the name ANOYA.
Issuer wallet is rHzp9zuLb9b7pRwskKN259NsyzTRmMVJBR

We created White Paper and instructions. But I can’t attach files and write links in this post, if you are interested please contact us via prefer way.

Please give us some advice about next steps and maybe you can assist us with promote, development and consultation, it will be great.

Thank you for your work and creating a way to change everything.

Best Regards,
Maksim Yurchanka
Telegram: Zaratustra11
Tel: +995557734442

Anoya Foundation Team
Site: (under construction)
Telegram: ANOYA_Foundation
Telegram channel: anoyafoundation

All the information is at: