Rippled-server: System requirements

Can rippled-server run successfully on a 6GB RAM pc. intel inside core i5 & 500GB hard disk space

Hey @davexlr. Welcome!

It depends on what mode you’re running the rippled server in, but we recommend minimum of 8GB of RAM for testing.

Generally one of the primary choke points in running a rippled server is IOPS, which can become a problem whether you’re running a stock rippled server to track the ledger or a validator server to participate in consensus.

@nikb may be able to provide more details running rippled on a PC, but we recommend the following spec for best performance:

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thanks man: i will have to get a better system. But there should be a way to connect to XRPL without running my own server.

For development usage, you can connect to the public servers that Ripple hosts at and, but don’t use for them for production usage, as they aren’t high availability servers with SLAs.

If you’re building a production app, then we always recommend running your own server, because you should never completely trust a server that you don’t run.

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