Rippled Node connection

Is this “rippled Node” just like connecting to a port?
For example, like connecting to a local host using Express “app.listen(3000)”.

But instead, I would use…

I have never connected to a node before. So I am not sure if I should listening for the server, or creating a get request to the API.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

A “rippled node” refers to one of the peer nodes that participates in the XRP Ledger and runs the rippled software protocol. Indeed, connecting to a rippled node is just like connecting to any other server or localhost by using the right networking information. The default API for interacting with rippled is a JSON RPC, documented here: In general, there is a ton of good information at Note that hitting a hosted server is fine for test applications, but running and using your own rippled node is the only way to guarantee security in a production setting. Information on that here: Good luck building!