New Interledger API

Hey, I’m working on interledger-rs and trying to refactor the codebase to connect ilp testnet. As ripple rebranded xpring as ripplex, most of the parts became deprecated and I’m changing them to up-to-date versions. I have some questions about creating ilp accounts programmatically on ripplex’s side. Because of the lack of documentation due to rebranding, I found out sending post request to myself by checking the requests from chrome console. Some of the objects are missing from the response compared to the old version of it, i.e. “btp_endpoint”. Also, a few URLs typed as (notice the dot at the end) in the response and I don’t know if intentional or not. You can check the issue I created here. I would appreciate it if a ripplex developer could reach out to me for faster communication.

Hey @omrtozd,

Let’s move this discussion over to the Github issue. I made some comments over there.