List of applications that use ripple-lib

Applications using ripple-lib (RippleAPI)

A curated list of some of the projects and apps that leverage ripple-lib in some way.

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Notice (disclaimer)

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Data and visualizations

Send and request payments

  • XRP Tip Bot A bot that enables users on reddit, Twitter and Discord to send XRP to each other through reddit comments and Twitter tweets.
  • XRP Text Send XRP using SMS text messages.
  • XRParrot (uses ripple-address-codec )Easy EUR (SEPA) to XRP transfer (currency conversion).
  • XRP Payment ( for generating a XRP payment request URI in a QR code, with currency converter.

Wallets and wallet tools

  • XRP Toolkit A web interface to the XRP Ledger, supporting both hardware and software wallets.
  • Toast Wallet A free, open source XRP Wallet for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Toastify Ledger (uses ripple-keypairs )Add a Regular Key to a mnemonic XRP Wallet (e.g. Ledger Nano S) to use the account with a Family Seed (secret).
  • Bithomp-submit (GitHub)A tool to submit an offline-signed XRPL transaction.
  • Kyte ( (Source) (Deprecated)Web-based XRP wallet.
  • XRP Vanity Address Generator (Node.js)A vanity address is a wallet address containing a few characters you like at the beginning or the end of the wallet address.
  • XRP Account Mnemonic Recovery (uses ripple-keypairs )Recover a 24 word mnemonic if one word is wrong or one word is missing.

Development tools

  • XRP Test Net Faucet Get some test funds for development on the test network. The faucet was built using ripple-lib .

Code samples and libraries

Related apps that do not appear to use ripple-lib

  • XRP Stats ( list, live ledger stats and XRP distribution. Visualize escrows and flow of funds.
  • XRP Vanity ( XRP addresses for sale, delivered by SetRegularKey.
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