Is this the new official Ripple forum?

Will the old forums ever be revived?

This is the RippleX forum, so… close enough. RippleX is about the company’s work on XRP Ledger, PayID, Interledger, and other open standards. It’s separate from the company’s enterprise payment network and software (RippleNet) except where that overlaps (i.e. On-Demand Liquidity uses XRP to source liquidity in various destination currencies).

The old forum was on legacy software that had some security issues (for example, it was easy to do a denial-of-service by doing database-heavy searches) so it had to be taken down. We’re still holding on to backups in the hope that we can restore it in a read-only form for historical reasons, but last I heard that was one of those projects that’s going to be sitting on the backburner for probably a long time.

I’m personally making an effort to highlight community efforts and contributions to the XRP Ledger, so I also check XRPChat fairly regularly and I’m interested in going wherever people bring good technical questions and positive, constructive energy. (On that subject, XRPChat has had a problem with a couple prolific, very negative energy posters lately… Blegh.)

It’s good to know that backups exist as that forum had most of my community engagement…

There is one thread on the official forums that I posted about the current viability of using XRPL for hosting a Real Cash Economy Game (RCEG). Unfortunately, the post was negative but it provided some criticism for discussion. I’ll consider re-typing it and posting to XRPchat or maybe on this forum if I can find a relevant section to put that content under.