How does Interledger Protocol (ILP) work?

There is an overview of how Interledger Protocol (ILP) works here:

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What’s the main difference between ilp and xrp ledger? I know that the xrp ledger has a decentralized exchange and can issue different assets/currency so maybe I can use it to send different currency/assets?
Or ilp is just connecting all the blockchain network?
Thanks for the clarity.

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You’re not alone. I’m somewhat technically savvy but I’m still having a tough time wrapping my head around it all. I think you’re last question is on the right track. But not just blockchain networks. All networks that exchange value can integrate their systems with ILP. From what I can tell, the main difference is that ILP is not a ledger with a native digital currency like XPRL / XRP. But more of a router that takes a sender’s request and routes it to a receiver on the other end. The receiver gets the entire amount but ILP might source the total value from different networks to provide the best (cheapest and most efficient) path. Like I said, I’m not too learned on this stuff yet so don’t quote me.


So all it is a global ledger without native currency and routing like tcp? Sourcing value from a different network? Interesting thanks