DarkMatter a decentralized file treasure system

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I’d like to introduce myself, My name is Zack and I have been learning about blockchain tech for a few years now and found my self interested in the XRP ledger. My intrigue turned into investment and overtime I wanted to create on the ledger and help transform the world with the Internet of Value. My idea is fairly simple, but I also believe it has potential to help the ledger grow with micro transactions.

feedback would be appreciated as I am just starting and looking for direction

i read the white paper but it’s not much there. can you give some example scenarios where this is in use? Why would a discoverer pay to access audio/video tagged to a geo lat/lon?


DarkMatter™ is a decentralized application created by Zack Zancofsky


DarkMatter is the data created when an anonymous individual (1) captures their surrounding environment via audio recording, photography, or videography using the DarkMatter™ application or (2) Uploads a file using the DarkMatter™ application. The captured or uploaded data is encrypted and a geo-location tag is addressed to the specific data. The data file is then “stored” at that location, where it can be accessed by another anonymous individual using the DarkMatter™ application. When the file is “stored” the “burrier” sells the data at a chosen price not less than the cost of 2 transaction fees. The “discoverer” of the data file can only locate the “stored” data when the user of the application is in the geo-location the data file is stored and chooses to “discover” the data. The “discoverer” buys the data at the “burriers” cost.

Application Features:

Audio/Video Capture Location Mapping File Upload BlockChain File transfer via XRP Ledger Local Wallet

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My thought process began with breaking down how one can transact on the XRPL. With XRP, someone can send any amount of money they want. This allows them to set the price of their data to any price they want; One one-hundredth of a cent, one hundred cents, or one hundred dollars. It does not matter. One can break down the market to be viable to the richest and the poorest. Think of DarkMatter like a treasure hunting system. The target market is anyone who uses money. Which is? almost everyone. On top of that the application is allowing for fun and intrigue. Using DarkMatter one could find a thousand things right in-front of them, that they once did not think was there. Curiosity will bring the user-base. In my opinion, that is just the start of it. The users will think of creative ways to use the application.

For example, It would allow someone to “store” a file in an anonymous location. Maybe one has a digital key and wants to place the data for the file at the top of a mountain, the only way someone can go back to get that key is if you hike up to the mountain to retrieve the “buried” data. This may be a higher cost data storage scenario, because they were storing something of value in a low volume location. High volume locations will allow for micro transactions of maybe a few drops for someone to discover some data of say an image of a squirrel they shot at the park that you are at and posted for 50 drops.